lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Semantic For Nuxeo: NTI Demo (en)

Yerbabuena has published the NTI (Nuxeo Thinks Itself) version for the proyect Semantics For Nuxeo.

We have developed a plug-in, based on OSGi model, which integrates a persistent reasoner over a relational DataBase with Nuxeo platform and with a friendly User Interface made with Flex tool.

Following functionalities have been implemented in this first version:

  • Integrate Nuxeo with a persistent reasoner for OWL implemented over a relational DataBase.

  • Chance to add relations among File Documents while creating them.

  • Flex UI and Nuxeo integration.

The persistent reasoner is an OWL Parser which is able to store any ontology into a relational DataBase. Before, it connects with an extern reasoner (Pellet in this case) to get the Tbox ontology part reasoning. Our persistent reasoner has reasoning algorithms over Abox part, so that the ontology is reasoned on both Tbox and Abox parts, and remains persistent inside the relational DataBase. This implies that the query results time over the reasoned ontology will be lower than in most reasoners implemented nowadays, as these do all work over RAM memory.

On the other hand, we have changed the Nuxeo File Document schema and views to allow adding Documents (File) relations to the one being created.

Finally, we have implemented a friendly Flex UI, integrated with Nuxeo through Restlets, which allows to show semantic relations generated by the reasoner.

Descargar la hoja de funcionalidad clave de gestión documental con Athento

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